Tasting is one of the most emotional steps of the excursion program. It takes place in the luxurious tasting rooms – Crystal and White ones. The White Hall is located in the wine cellar – close to the modern winemaking equipment, and the Crystal Hall is situated deep underground, surrounded by oak barriques. During the tasting guests can fully enjoy the high quality of Shabo products, get exhaustive information about enogastronomy – the rules for selecting wine to dishes, and to join the art of tasting.


Tasting in STANDART tour (380 uah)

Tasting snack: cracker

  • 1. SHABO Reserve Chardonnay white dry wine
  • 2. SHABO Reserve Telti-Kuruk white dry wine
  • 3. SHABO Reserve Limited Edition natural semi-sweet red wine
  • 4. SHABO Reserve Cabernet dry red wine
  • 5. SHABO Reserve Saperavi dry red wine
  • 6. Sparkling wine SHABO Classic brut white

VIP tasting in VIP tour (950 uah)

Tasting snack: bread, hard cheese

  • 1. Aged sparkling white wine SHABO Grand Reserve extra brut
  • 2. SHABO Grande Reserve Telti-Kuruk aged white blended wine
  • 3. SHABO Grande Reserve Chardonnay aged white wine
  • 4. SHABO Grande Reserve Cabernet aged dry red wine
  • 5. SHABO Grande Reserve Cabernet-Merlot-Saperavi aged blended dry red wine
  • 6. SHABO Imperial de SHarant
  • 7. Ice WIne