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Cabernet-Sauvignon is a prominent French grape cultivar, considered the symbol of all red wines in the world and the ‘number one’ among the seven stars of grapevine varieties. The quality of Cabernet-Sauvignon is profoundly affected by the terroir. In some regions, the wine becomes very soft, while in others it turns out more tart. Shabo terroir develops unique features in Cabernet wines: rich flavor and velvety taste. Cabernet-Sauvignon variety is widely used in Shabo blends, but it attains the most majestic and wholesome ‘sound’ when used in single-varietal Cabernet wines of various Shabo collections.


Merlot is a French grape cultivar and one of the seven stars of grapevine varieties. It is considered the most emotional among all red varieties, demonstrates wholesome nature and great inner power, and is distinguishable for the elegancy of style. Merlot grows equally well in various terroirs across the world. However, in Shabo, it must be disciplined by low yield and harvesting fully ripe grapes only. Under these conditions, the grape rewards winemakers with a great wine – open, rich, and attractive. Merlot variety is used in various Shabo blends, but its nature is revealed the most vividly in single-varietal Merlot wines of various Shabo collections.

Pinot noir

Pinot noir is a French grape cultivar and one of the oldest varietals (dating over 2 thousand years back). It is also one of the seven stars of grapevine varieties and one of the three varieties used in the production of champagne. This is a stubborn variety, resembling a spoiled child. Pinor noir dictates the own terms to the terroir. Only when the soil, climate and grapevine cultivation suit it will the winemaker be able to produce enchanting red, rose, and white wines from it. This variety feels quite comfortable in Shabo terroir, growing well and imbuing complex luring notes of various flavors and tastes. At Shabo, Pinot noir is a key variety in the production of Shabo sparkling wines.


Saperavi is a highly-valuable Georgian grape variety and a sort of Georgia’s visiting card in the world. Translated from Georgian, it means ‘dyer’, named so because of the abundance of colorants in its fruits. Saperavi is a patriot variety, feeling most comfortably in native Georgian soils. To create an authentic Saperavi wine, Shabo uses the best grapes from Kakhetian vineyards owned by our company. The study of soil in Shabo terroir shows that here, in Ukrainian land, this Georgian variety will produce a good yield. Therefore, we intend to plant Saperavi vineyards at Shabo in the nearest future. Saperavi perfectly blends with other varieties of Shabo wines, but its qualities are best revealed in single-varietal Saperavi wines of various Shabo collections.


Chardonnay is a French grape cultivar, a celebrity grape and one of the brightest star varieties of the world. The symbol of all white wines of the world and a gem among the top seven grapevine varieties. Chardonnay is a very obedient variety, easy to adapt to a particular terroir. Lands on all five continents give it a warm welcome, and in return, the grape rewards winemakers with an excellent white wine. At Shabo, we produce luring, exquisite and lively white wines from this variety. A winner of numerous international contests, Shabo Chardonnay is considered a symbol of success and our company’s visiting card. It is a key variety in the production of Shabo sparkling wines. It is also an excellent choice in the production of Shabo grape vodka and is used extensively in Shabo wine blends. However, its top performance is the solo part in single-varietal Chardonnay wines of various Shabo collections.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a French grape cultivar ranked among the seven stars of grapevine varieties and one of the most recognizable varieties of the world. It enjoys the widest popularity and representation in the world, but at the same time, winemakers regard it as a variety with an unpleasant character. Shabo terroir’s natural and climatic conditions are quite benign for Sauvignon Blanc. Here, the grape excellently reveals its exciting liveliness and characteristic aroma, but only under the condition that it is harvested when the ripeness of grapes is optimal and the wine is then produced using advanced technologies. Although the variety’s name includes the word ‘blanc’ (white), Sauvignon Blanc grape fruits are, in fact, green. That’s why the wine produced from this variety is sometimes called ‘marvelous green’. Sauvignon Blanc is used extensively in Shabo wine blends and to produce Shabo grape vodka, but its performance is the most colorful in varietal Shabo Sauvignon Blanc wines.


Riesling is a European grape cultivar and a gem among the seven stars of grapevine varieties. By origin, Riesling is a northerner, and its cultivation began during the late Middle Ages. This variety has a unique gift of telling about the soil of its terroir much more than any other grape varieties. It is like a summary of the natural world, an optic lens aimed at the terroir. It is believed that growing Riesling is a very risky task and that it’s not easy to tame this variety outside its ‘home’ terroir… Only professionals of the highest class can do it. It is a key variety in the production of Shabo sparkling wines. The taste of Riesling in Shabo grape vodka ‘sounds’ even more convincingly than in nature itself. Riesling is also used in Shabo wine blends.

Muscat Ottonel

Muscat Ottonel is a Western European grape cultivar, a sort of universal grape used in the production of still and sparkling wines. In fresh form, this early table variety has a respectable number of connoisseurs, too. Muscat Ottonel, which originates from France, received broad popularity in Western Europe in the second half of the 19th century. For Shabo winemakers, this variety is not easy to cultivate. It’s very demanding to the terroir and cultivation technologies. Considering the variety’s tenderness and sensitivity, one can produce excellent full, soft, and smooth Muscat wines with a tender nutmeg taste from it. Muscat Ottonel is used extensively in Shabo wine blends. It is also a key variety in the production of Shabo Muscat sparkling wines and Shabo Muscat grape vodka.


Telti-Kuruk is an ancient autochthonous grape variety growing in Shabo terroir, and is a pride and a gem in the collection of Shabo vineyards. Its origins date back to the ‘Ottoman period’ in the history of Shabo. Translated from Turkish, it means ‘fox tail’ because of the specific shape of the cluster, resembling a fox tail. Today, Shabo cultivates this variety on over 40 hectares of land. Telti-Kuruk feels ‘at home’ on the sandy soils of Shabo terroir, growing well and pleasing winemakers with its quality and unpretentiousness. Preservation and development of this native grape variety is a social responsibility of Shabo winemakers. To preserve it, we have developed a special long-term program that we are gradually implementing. Telti-Kuruk is an unparalleled element of Shabo wine blends, but its brightest performance is solo in the premium-class Shabo AOC varietal Telti-Kuruk wine.


Rkatsiteli is a highly-valuable Georgian grape variety, inducted to the ‘golden stock’ of Georgian winemaking. This variety originates from Kakhetia. Translated from Georgian, its name means ‘red vine’. Rkatsiteli is considered a universal grape variety, a ‘Jack of all trades’. It is used to produce European- and Kakhetian-type wines, which cannot be confused with anything else. Rkatsiteli shows excellent result in the production of grape alcohol used in brandies and grape vodkas. Finally, it is simply a tasty table grape from which one can make an enjoyable and healthy grape juice. Rkatsiteli is an excellent performer in the production of Shabo grape vodka, ‘sounds’ profoundly in Shabo dry sherry and is used as the basis for the blends of Shabo still wines.

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