Our company produces Shabo-branded noble beverages at own production facilities located in the immediate proximity of Shabo vineyards. In terms of equipment quality, our production process and technologies are among the best in Europe. Loyalty to traditions, combined with advanced technologies of winemaking, help create Shabo alcoholic beverages conveying the best characteristics of terroir imbued in selected grape fruits.


Within 15 minutes after harvesting, the grapes are delivered in an ideal condition to the 1300-sq.m grape receipt and processing facility, which can process up to 20 thousand tons of red and white grapes per season. The grape receipt and processing system is fully automated. State-of-the-art, high-tech equipment maintains continuous temperature control and a sparing processing mode.

Red and white grape varieties require use of different technologies. A technology of stem separation without crushing grape fruits and a delicate pressing process, which prevents the rubbing of seeds and skin, are used in the production of white wines, while the ‘red method’ of production involves separation of stems and grape fruit crushing.


This section is where Great Shabo CDO (controlled designation of origin) Wines are created. Shabo is the first and so far, the only company is Ukraine licensed to produce CDO wines, a Ukrainian analog of French АОС (Appellation d’origine contrôlée). New-generation equipment and the skills of Shabo winemakers guarantee exclusive approach to literally every grape fruit.

Immediately after harvesting, grapes undergo double sorting at the elite wine section. After that, red variety grapes are sent to fermentation ‘on pulp’ in Taransaud oak casks equipped with a temperature control system. Without prior crushing, white variety grapes are gently pressed first at Bucher XPlus press machines and then undergo fermentation process in oak barrels with controlled temperature.


Shabo has been producing brandy since 2007 and grape vodka since 2013. A state-of-the-art, 10,000-sq.m complex features the full distilled grape beverage production cycle. Technological scheme of full cycle includes: grape growing and processing, production of high-quality base wine, distillation of grape alcohol, aging of brandy spirit, and bottling of noble beverages: Shabo brandies and grape vodkas.

Distillation is one of the most important phases in the production of hard grape liquors. Our distillation section features a continuously operated still with distillation capacity of up to 20 million liters of base wine, enough to produce almost 3 million liters of high-quality brandy spirits with extra fine flavor and unsurpassed range of tastes. Brandy spirit aging and storage section is equipped in accordance with European standards. Shabo brandy spirits are aged and stored in oak barrels and special tanks. The aging process lasts from three years up, depending on the category of beverage.


First sparkling wines were produced in Shabo by Swiss immigrants back in the 19th century. Being the standard of quality, these wines were awarded numerous medals at international contests. Today, Shabo sparkling wines personify the experience of Swiss immigrants and revival of old traditions. Shabo Sparkling Wine House is located in a picturesque place among Shabo vineyards, occupying the area of almost 1.5 hectares. Advanced equipment helps ensure impeccable quality at all stages of production process – from the processing of truly Champagne grape varieties to the bottling of Shabo sparkling wines. The skills of our winemakers help create sparkling wines according to a classical technology of champagnization in a bottle and the Charmat method.

The classic (aged) sparkling wine production process takes from 9 months to 13 years. During this time, a mysterious process of natural fermentation occurs in every separate bottle.

The Charmat method is also based on natural fermentation as the traditional method of champagnization in a bottle, with the only difference being that the role of bottle is played by modern closed acratophores (reservoirs) with the capacity of 20 thousand champagne bottles. That’s why these sparkling wines are sometimes called acratophoric or reservoir, and it takes 3-6 months to create them. All sparkling wine production processes at Shabo are controlled by enologists from the Institut Oenologique de Champagne, France.


The 10,000-sq.m Shabo wine storage is one of the largest in Ukraine and has three levels: ground, 5 meters and 9 meters below the ground. It can simultaneously store over 10,000,000 liters of wine in oak casks and state-of-the-art stainless steel reservoirs.

Our company has a total of over 2000 French oak casks thoroughly selected, in terms of capacity, quality and region of origin of wood, for every particular varietal of Shabo wines.

To store base wine, we also use advanced vertical stainless steel reservoirs, which have a thermal ‘jacket’ to maintain constant storage temperature.


Shabo has implemented a European model of ‘continuous quality monitoring’ from grapes to finished products. Our chemical and technical control laboratory performs the most accurate measurements, fast and of any degree of complexity.

The new-generation laboratory equipment allows for application of methodologies based on Ukrainian, European and International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) standards.


Every year, Shabo produces almost 20,000,000 bottles of over 80 brand names of Shabo beverages created from selected grapes only. Our company has 9 bottling lines featuring state-of-the-art European-manufactured equipment, which allows to fully preserve the taste and flavor of freshly-harvested grapes and their priceless natural properties in Shabo beverages during bottling.