Wine is culture

Wine is culture, which means following the standards of high grape growing culture, winemaking culture, and of course, the high culture of drinking these noble beverages.

Grape growing culture

When creating high-quality noble beverages from selected grapes, we make the natural energy of Shabo terroir work for the benefit of people. Grape wine is a product of locality, the unique region where it was born. At Shabo, we grow over 20 grape varieties on 1200 hectares of land, using an individual approach to literally every one of our 10 billion elite grape fruits.

Winemaking culture
We at SHABO create noble beverages of the highest quality. We allow for no compromises when quality is at stake – respecting winemaking traditions and using the most advanced technologies. As a result, SHABO wines convey the best natural properties of grapes and retain the taste and flavor of freshly harvested grape fruits and their vivid varietal characteristics.

Improving the drinking culture

Wine is an art and philosophy, ages-old tradition and priceless historical legacy… That is why all our deeds and undertakings are imbued with the respect to wine and desire to popularize high standards of drinking noble beverages. Thus, our unique SHABO Wine Culture Center serves that very purpose of improving the drinking culture.