Each year Shabo company succeeds in professional, production and social spheres that is proved by numerous honors and awards:

Fourth tasting contest "Odessa Zaliv" in the context of the IV International Exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" (2004. Odessa)

1. “Cabernet Shabo” – gold medal
2. “Saperavi Shabo” – gold medal
3. “Earl Shabo cellar” – a silver medal.

Third Ukrainian competition of wines and cognacs "On the top of Taste" (2004, Dnipropetrovsk)

1. “Cabernet Shabo” – bronze medal
2. “Shabo” – bronze medal

Tasting contest of wines and brandies in the contest of IX specialized drinks exhibition "Alco-Soft" (2004g..g.Kiev)

1. Still dry red wine “Cabernet Shabo” – gold medal
2. Still dry white wine “Chardonnay Shabo” – silver medal
3. Still semi-dry red wine “Shabo” – silver medal
4. Still semi-sweet white wine “Shabo” – silver medal
5. Still semisweet red wine “Shabo” – silver medal
6. Still semi-sweet white wine “Tamyanka Shabo” – silver medal
7. Still semi-sweet white wine”Muscat Shabo” – silver medal
8. Still dry white wine “Sauvignon Shabo” – bronze medal
9. Still dry white wine” Telti-Kuruk” – bronze medal
10. Still semi-dry white wine “Shabo” – bronze medal
11. Still dry red wine “Saperavi Shabo” – bronze medal

First Ukrainian beverage competitionfor retail trade "Zvezda torgovogo dela" (2004. Kiev g)

1. “Shabo Sauvignon” series “Korolevskye history” – award in nomination “Good Quality”

Ukrainian competition of quality of the products "100 best products of Ukraine" (2004, Odessa city)

Diploma for significant contribution to the socio-economical development of Odessa region