Each year Shabo company succeeds in professional, production and social spheres that is proved by numerous honors and awards:
Cognac "Shabo 1788" - Silver medal
Cognac of Ukraine "Shabo V.S.O.P” - Silver Medal
Cognac of Ukraine "Shabo V.S” - Bronze medal
Wine "Cahors", collection "Royal stories" - Gold Medal

Ninth tasting contest "Odesskiy Zaliv" at the 9 international exhibition "Wine and Winemaking" (February, 2009., Odessa)

1. Still dry red wine “Cabernet”, “Shabo Classic” – gold medal

2. Stile desser red wine “Cahors” series “Royal stories” – gold medal

3. Still dry red Cabernet “Shabo Reserve” – ​​gold medal

4. Still dry white wine “Telti-Kuruk” “Shabo Reserve” – ​​gold medal

5. Still semisweet red wine”Shabo Classic” – gold medal

6. Still semi-sweet white wine”Shabo Classic” – gold medal

7. Still dry red wine “Cabernet” series “Royal stories” – gold medal

8. Still dry white wine “Chardonnay” series “Royal stories” – gold medal

9. Stillsemi-sweet red wine “Royal stories” – gold medal

10. Stillsemisweet white wine”Muscat” series “Royal stories” – gold medal

11. Still dessert red wine”Ukrainian Cahors” “Royal stories” – gold medal

12. Still dry red wine “Cabernet” series “Shabo wine” – gold medal

13. Still semi-sweet red wine “Shabo cellar” series”Shabo wine” – gold medal

14. Still dry semi-sweet white “Shabo wine” – gold medal

15. Still hhite wine “Sherry ” series “Shabo Reserve” – ​​silver medal

16. Still white wine “Sherry” series “Chateau Shabo Classic” – silver medal

17. The wine “Cahors” series “Shabo wine” – silver medal

18. StillWhite wine «Shabo blanc” series “Royal stories” – silver medal

19. Still dry red wine “Shabo Bordeaux” series “Royal stories” – silver medal

20.Still semisweet wine “Shabo red” series “Shabo wine” – silver medal

21. StillWine red dessert wine “Kadarka” series “Shabo wine” – silver medal

22. Stilldry red wine “Saperavi” series “Royal stories” – silver medal

23. Still dry red wine Royal series “Royal stories” – silver medal

24. Still semisweet white wine Tamyanka series “Royal stories” – silver medal

25. Still dessert red wine”Ukrainian Cahors” “Shabo wine” – gold medal

26. Sparkling white wine “Shabo Premium Brut” – silver medal

27. Sparkling wine “Shabo Premium” white semi-dry – silver medal

28. Sparkling wine “Shabo Premium” white semi – silver medal

29. Sparkling wine “Shabo Premium” semi-sweet red – silver medal

30. Brandy “Shabo V.S.O.P» – Silver Medal

31. Brandy “Shabo 1788” – Silver Medal

32. Still muscat red wine series “Royal stories” – bronze medal

33. Brandy “Shabo V.S» – Bronze Medal

34. Brandy “Shabo LUXE» – Bronze Medal